Aunt Dan & Lemon Cornell Box


But since we do have to do it, why not be truthful about it, and why not admit that yes, yes, there’s something inside us that likes to kill. Some part of us. Why wouldn’t that be so? -Lemon, Aunt Dan & Lemon by Wallace Shawn

Aunt Dan & Lemon is a play about admitting who we really are.

Process: Screens

Process: Box

Up Close & Personal: Detail

Structured Interaction: A Field Guide To The Chairs of ITP

Exercise Make something that is inspired by some of the themes in the presentation and relating to the idea of INTERACTIVITY as engagement.

  1. Response to A/D/O interaction with community.
  2. Choice of chairs: doubly significant. We spend our time in them and we often use the motion of sitting and leaning in to signify real attention and presence.
  3. Familiarity of space -how to change behavior with a community that is intimately familiar and ritualistic?
  4. What do the choices that we make regarding the objects that are around us and the items at our disposal signify in terms of identity?

Materiality –> I enjoy the streamlined combination of leather and wood in this mid century modern chaise. I shall have it.

Personality (anamorphism) –> This chair reminds me of a fluffy bear. I’ll sit in it.

Functionality –> I am a minimalist proletariat. Give me the same chair and make sure it’s sturdy.

Aspiration & Personal Branding –> this Herman Miller Chair makes me look both savvy and practical. I’m in the know; a coveted demographic.

Subconscious –> true chair choice represents our ID!

Words That Stick

Statement Of Purpose

Words That Stick is an interactive performance piece that comments on the unique and misogynistic lexicon that has been cultivated specifically to target women, and the ways in which we might be complicit. The piece explores the violent and prohibitive effect this lexicon has on women’s often marginalized or reduced role in society. Drawing from personal and shared experiences, Lindsey and Oriana hope to portray both the damaging effects of these words on the female psyche and the ways in which words might also empower and activate a solution.


  • The wearable suit is wired to a control panel that activates the neopixels sewn to the wearable.
  • The control panel is divided into quadrants, that are mapped to different portions of a wearable suit’s body (left arm/right arm/left leg/right leg).
  • Every time a quadrant’s button is pressed, it changes color, and also triggers a set of media clips to be played.
  • There is a fifth, hidden “clear” button, that triggers a new set of empowering words by iconic women and overrides the rest of the suit’s controls.

Tech Specs

Arduino Uno (to control neopixels & control panel calls using neopixel library in C/C++), P5.js (to store sound clips, serial communication with arduino to trigger sound clips with control panel & coincide with neopixel on/off), fabricated jumpsuit (neopixels, stranded core wire, soldered inputs, screw terminal, hacked ethernet cable w/ 8 in/outputs), fabricated control panel (laser-cut acrylic, pushbutton panel, screws/nuts/neoprene washers & solderless breadboard)

Project Participants

Elizabeth White, Dancer trained in classical ballet for sixteen years at The Academy of dance arts in New Jersey and then went on to continue training in modern and contemporary ballet at Alvin Ailey in New York City for three years. During her time at Ailey, she also pursued a BA in Visual Arts at Fordham University, with a concentration in drawing. Elizabeth is now pursuing her Masters at NYU through ITP. Her work is an exploration of emerging relationships between dance, visual art and technology, with a focus on performance and installation art.

Lindsey Piscitell & Oriana Neidecker, Producers are MPS candidates at NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts/ Interactive Telecommunications Program. Lindsey graduated magna cum laude with a BA in English & American literature and a double minor in creative writing and urban design from NYU’s College of Arts & Sciences. Oriana graduated cum lade with a  BA from NYU’s College of Arts & Sciences with a major in Psychology and a minor in business.


Dancer -Elizabeth White

Producers -Lindsey Piscitell, Oriana Neidecker

Music “We Insist” by Zoe Keating.

Camera A -Christina Elizabeth Hall

Camera B -Grant Henry

Source material list here.

Photographers -Christina Elizabeth Hall, Lindsey Piscitell