Proposals: Distortion Gallery, Break My Heart!, Mood Reader

2017’s Theme: Reality, Augmented.

Ariana, Demos, Lindsey P., Yuan


Proposal 1: DIY Distortion Gallery

  • Collective coloring book. Everyone inputs color and location through touch in Window 1. An image is generated, though the outcome is unexpected & distorted.
  • Result is fed into Window 2, which carousels through the images that are generated.
  • People can then obtain the image generated.

Proposal 2: Overreaction Maching & Awkward Photobooth

  • Window 1 Prompt: How are you feeling today? User selects from a set of preselected moods.
  • Giant face in the window reacts however you’ve stipulated, but it’s an overreaction.
  • Window 2 Prompt: “Taking your photo in 5…4…3…SNAP”
  • Photo is taken but you never know when, so you’re always in the process of smiling but not actually fully posed.
  • There may be some form of data collection display

Proposal 3: Break my heart!

  • There is a Gigantic heart in Window 1.
  • There is a prompt for user input (texting, movement, whatever)in Window 2.
  • As the volume of user input increases, the heart moves until it bursts opens.

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