No Hashtag, No Nothing


Assignment: Create a double-take installation

Solution: Make a private space on the most public space of all, the NYC Subway.





The most talkative observers were on a stretch of the L train between the 1st Ave. & Grand St. stops. Most of the observers were looking to see who was responsible. The title of this post, “No Hashtag, No Nothing”, comes from the observations of one woman on the train who was absolutely baffled that there was no social media call to action. Many people had comments like this:

“Fashion week is getting weird.”

“Yeah that’s just how marketing is these days.”

“I wonder where the camera is.”

It’s a pretty prescient comment on the shift in expectation of an observer being goaded under the assumption that they are being observed.


Only one subway rider actually managed to touch our PRIVATE installation, but many came up to take photos and ‘grams. The most compelling conversation we had was with an MTA conductor who broke it down for us:


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