User Testing: Improving Seat Back Display Revamp

Exercise Conduct 5 user testing sessions on a project you have developed. Identify three things you want to test and watch your testers body language and behavior as well as try to get them to talk out loud. Do not ask leading questions but let them tell you what the experience is. Document the session with video and photography, note what you learned and what you would change.

Prompts for my users:

  1. Try and purchase a beverage.
  2. Try and navigate back home from the checkout page.
  3. Try and deactivate the screen, then reactivate.

User 5 proceeds on beverage path.


User 5 Achieves desired Results

Feedback & Themes On Improvement

What Worked

-“Swooping” motions R/L made sense to user in terms of where they were in process

-Pictures were clear in terms of what was being ordered

-Process was not burdensome ie user was not frustrated by path/number of clicks

What Didn’t

-Create a welcome page

-Improve checkout icon hierarchy.

-Improve color queues.

-Improve bottom bar navigation.

-Clarify “add on” vs. “main event” drink items.

-Clarify payment options.

Suggestions Worth Exploring

-Use icon system to delineate meal type (veg, vegan, pork, meat).

-Use lightbox dispay for drink preferences.

-Introduce language choice.

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