Body Burden Part II

This week, I dove deeper into my exploration of Body Burden and the implications it has on us as a species. In doing my research, I have found myself more and more drawn exploring the specific studies surrounding the impact of toxic chemicals in the umbilical cords of newborn babies.

In particular, I am interested by a series of studies conducted by the Environmental Working Group in conjunction with Rachel’s network and published in Scientific American:

“The study referenced found traces of some 232 synthetic chemicals in cord blood samples from 10 different babies of African American, Asian and Hispanic descent born in 2009 in different parts of the U.S…BPA turned up in nine of the 10 cord blood samples tested. But perhaps even worse is the study’s detection of whole new raft of chemicals showing up in babies’ cord blood for the first time.”

Findings of the study show that, unfortunately and unsurprisingly, minorities have a higher exposure to the harmful agents that cause these chemicals to be present.

Source: EWG compilation of chemical classifications published by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Environmental Protection Agency, the European Union Consumer Products Safety and Quality Unit, the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens (IARC) and neurotoxin listings from academic review published in the journal Lancet (references).


Additional Resources & Potential Artist Responses

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  1. i just lost ALL my comments by accidentally closing this window. so sorry.
    So i will recap without all the wows and flares.
    I had a lot of wow! I didn’t know about Rachel’s Network etc. – your research is awesome.

    1. environmental justice needs more good visual representation/ agit prop. identity
    2. people eat their placentas –
    3. project in environmental justice in troy ny – asthma files:

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